What are you afraid of? Being trolled on the internet? Not knowing what the next chapter of your life looks like? Moving Overseas? Boners in class? Coming out? Confronting a bully? Asking that cutie out? Monsters under your bed?

Guess what? It doesn’t matter as much as you think it should because you’re going to die. So am I. We’re All Going To Die. I’m Stefan Hunt, an artist and film-maker who has decided to kick fear in the nuts by throwing a massive festival that celebrates life. It’s called We’re All Going To Die - The Festival, presented by COMMUNE.


We’re All Going To Die is a festival and multimedia art project that uses death to shift our perspective on fear, and the role it plays in our lives. The project will premiere in Sydney, Australia on 17 November 2017 where a team of international artists are coming together to create an interactive experience that gets you thinking about life.

Set in COMMUNE’S large labyrinth of warehouse spaces, we’ve lined up panel discussions on fear and death, judgement baths, interactive installations, secret dance experiences, death meditation and a mini film-festival. But don't be fooled. This festival isn't about morbidity, it's an amusement park for your soul.   


The We're All Going To Die festival was born out of my own experience. You see, I have anxiety, and it sucks. Two years ago it was really bad. I was so afraid of the unknown I couldn’t make a simple decision. Life spiralled. 
But one day I penned a poem We’re All Going To Die and everything changed. Suddenly my fears seemed small. I realised that if life’s only guarantee is death then why not take a few risks. 
The moment you realise that you’re not the only one living with fears is the moment it all changes and this festival is a great platform to get people talking. 



Founder  |  Stefan Hunt

Presenting Sponsor |  COMMUNE

Partner  |  Indigo Project 

Apparel  |  The Critical Slide Society

Website  |  Coast to Coast Studio 


100 people. Countless hours. 100% self funded community project. And united with the belief of making a positive change through creativity, humour and death. We hope you can play a role in bringing this message to the world. 


We do not wish to trivialise the tragedy of death. It is extremely painful to experience the death of a loved one and we acknowledge this. What we aim to shine a light on is the inevitable nature of death and use that to encourage positive action in life. We endeavour to spread love, joy and inspiration through our project and do not have any intention of disrespect or harm to those deceased.