Sydney, AUS - November 17

'We’re All Going To Die Festival’ was an amusement park for the souls of 1400 Sydney-siders. Collaborating with a renowned team of local and international artists in large labyrinth warehouse spaces, the festival held: panel discussion on fear and death, judgement baths, interactive installations, eye-gazing, secret dance experiences, a mini film-festival, and a death meditation. Thanks to mind-blowing donations to our Kickstarter campaign the festival premiered 17 November 2017 in Sydney, Australia at COMMUNE, Waterloo.



Auckland - February 18
‘We’re All Going To Die’ mini film festival consists of ten short films by an award winning list of international directors. In this action packed thirty three minutes of comedy, drama, experimental, documentary and performance the films explore themes around fear and death with the goal of sparking conversation and empowering an audience to ‘fear less & live more’. To create these films festival founder Stefan Hunt provided each director with words such as ‘judgement', ‘doubt', and ‘failure' and an open brief to interpret it in their unique style.

The films will had their New Zealand premiere Wednesday February 7th at The Vic, Devonport, including a Q & A with three of the directors Claire Littler (New Zealand), Smriti Keshari (USA) and Stefan Hunt (Australia).



California, USA - February 18
‘We’re All Going To Die’ packed its bags and headed for the USA to spread the message of 'Fear Less Live More' at the annual Yeah Field Trip. This conference included a range of international artists and speakers and over 500 attendees. WAGTD Founder Stefan Hunt spoke at the opening night event as well as executing art installations throughout California with the YFT crew. 

“By accepting my death over this weekend and not letting the fear of it take over, I allowed my soul to be slowly ripped apart and from nothing be built anew.”

“Thanks for the perspective. I’ve a “Fear Less! Live More!” post it by my front door as a daily reminder before leaving my house.”