What are you afraid of? Asking a cutie out on a date? Not knowing what the next chapter of your life looks like? Monsters under your bed? Being who you really are? 

Guess what? 10 out of 10 of us are going to die, so why not take a few risks?

2017 saw We’re All Going to Die (WAGTD) put on our very first festival [link to festival] that combined installations, visual art, music, talks and immersive experiences as well as a mini film festival [link to film], which all sprang out of Stefan Hunt’s original illustrated book by the same name. [Link to ‘book’]

Whether it’s a amusement-park-for-your-soul size festival, an intimate interaction or talk, we’re in the game of reminding you that you’re not alone [link to submissions] with the ultimate goal of inspiring you to fear less and live more.

FEAR LESS. LIVE MORE. We're all going to die anyway right?