Fear isn't going to kick itself in the nuts is it? Partner with us to bring the first WAGTD Festival to life!
Click on the Kickstarter button below to see all the rewards that you get for supporting us.  



  • A Digital Thanks: $5
    Cos you ain't all loaded but you like supporting because you're good people.
  • 1 x Festival Ticket + 1 x Pin: $25
    Keen to come to the festival and wear a pin of support whilst you're at it? Our tickets are on here without the booking fee so get on the pre-sale buzz.
  • We're All Going To Die Book by Stefan Hunt: $50
    As I mentioned earlier, We're All Going To Die began as a poem which I ended up illustrating...I was blown away to find out that it got picked up by Inspire Good Publishing in the U.S.  You can purchase signed copies through this Kickstarter for $50, they are not for sale anywhere else right now.
  • Tee by Stefan Hunt X The Critical Slide Society: $60 MOREEE STRESS AND WORKLOAD I said, and that's how a clothing line emerged. Sort of. The good people at The Critical Slide Society have collaborated with me to create a line of tees that celebrate our message. One of these tees can be bought as a reward for $60. Help me out with this project and I'll help you look great in social situations. Win win.
  • Tee + Book Combo Pack: $100
    Want both and maybe score a discount whilst you're at it too? Go on then. 
    *Prize images not to scale
  • Art Print: $150
    Dig children's illustrations around themes of fear and death? We got you covered. My illustrations from the book have been turned into 5 x poster options that you can choose from. 55cm x 40cm
  • Ultimate Combo Pack #2: $200
    Super fan and want to show us how? You can purchase 1 x book, 1 x tee, 2 x pin and 2 x festival tickets for $200 and know that you've blown us away with your support for local community projects. 
  • Original Artwork by Stefan: $500
    Forget this print business you're a fancy art collector. We have 10 limited edition original paintings by yours truly up for grabs. 45cm x 45cm. Acrylic on canvas. Original works will differ from image pictured below. 
  • Bedtime Story: $1000
    Stefan will tuck you in to bed and read his book ‘We’re All Going To Die’ to you. Then turn off the lamp and leave. *Kisses on the forehead arranged at extra cost. **Sydney based reward. Other locations travel to be covered externally.
  • Story Time At Your Office: $1500
    How is your company culture when looking at themes of fear, productivity and work-life balance? Stefan will come to your office with milk and cookies and read you the We're All Going To Die book as well as running an hour of activities that derive from the festival (eye-gazing, meditation sessions and goal setting). Also your office gets a signed copy of the book to keep and Stefan will give everyone sharpie tattoos.
  • Original Painting, 100cm x 140cm: $2000 I'm offering a limited edition series of five large artworks created around these themes of life, death and overcoming fear. $2000 shows your support and let's your house glow with good vibrations and colour. 
  • Your Name Credited as Executive Producer, You Legend You: $5000 Everyone wants to brag that they were the executive producer of film, nows your opportunity! This ensures that your name will be across all credits to do with our Kickstarter and Film Screening plus you can choose from any of the tees, books, pins and tickets packages below that you like.
  • Public Story Time...Naked : $10 000
    What's the world's most common fear? Public speaking? Stefan's decided to put his money where his mouth is and face one of his personal biggest fears, public speaking...naked. You name the place and time and Stefan will read his book We're All Going To Die completely starkers. Feeling pretty terrified right now, but we're all going to die right?