Olivia Carolan


“I have a fear of not using my blessings for enough good. I am strangely obsessed with (and petrified of) being able to capture and honour the relationships and experiences that have made me who I am.”

For Olivia Carolan, WAGTD was a huge step in the direction of honouring the people and travels in her life that have made her who she is. Working in post production for film for ARC EDIT, the moment she saw that Stefan was looking for production support, she leapt at the opportunity not wanting to watch from the sidelines. “It’s such an important, fun message for humankind,” she thought, and submitted a formal job application to a guy who she’d know for a decade.

Around her full-time job, Olivia was Stefan and Helena’s rock for putting the festival together. For Olivia, being part of WAGTD is a little win and a loss of fear to work on the things that matter most.