Starting the conversation around death as means to shift our relationship to fear, a line-up of local and international artists led by Stefan Hunt will bring the 'We’re All Going To Die Festival' to life. Combining world premiere films, official book launch, installation, visual art, music, performance, talks and immersive experiences the festival will be an amusement park for your soul. Set in COMMUNE'S large labyrinth warehouse the audience will roam the festival that will feature everything from death meditations to judgement baths to hidden dance experiences. The festival will premiere 17 November 2017 in Sydney, Australia before embarking on an international tour in 2018 - RSVP HERE


We’re All Going To Die is an illustrated picture book that follows a conversation between fear and death. Stefan Hunt, the author and illustrator, tackles these taboo themes with a naive cadence of children’s book accompanied by his original illustrations. It’s set to be released in November, 2017 through Inspire Good Publishing. 


Knock knock. An ill-timed visit from Death with a laundry list of regrets and opportunities. Is it too late to take flight? The short film adaptation of the poem, directed by Stefan Hunt and starring comedian Jared Jekyll doing wire stunts in his undies, brings the original story to life in a most colourful and ridiculous way. The film will premiere exclusively at the exhibition in November before embarking on the film festival circuit in 2018.