It all started with a simple poem. During a particularly existential chapter of his life, Stefan Hunt sat on a cliff overlooking the ocean and penned a poem titled We’re All Going To Die. At a crippling time of uncertainty Stefan had accidentally stumbled across life’s only guarantee…

The poem takes on the immense task of exploring the meaning of life in the form of a Dr Seuss-esque ‘children’s book for adults’.

The words are paired with charming illustrations to bring a fantastical world to life. Though whimsical, the story is equally poignant, asking you to look at the what ifs, the why nots and the oh wells that might flash before your eyes if you were paid a surprise visit by Death.

Written and illustrated by Stefan Hunt, the aim of the message is simple: Fear Less and Live More.

The poem caught the eye of a publishing company in the USA and now this ‘children’s book for adults’ has been distributed in over 20 countries across the world.