Eleven award-winning international directors were given a one-word brief by Stefan Hunt and asked to tackle themes of fear and death as part of the We’re All Going To Die’s movement: fear less and live more.

Each director's brief was a singular word that included failure, grief, rejection, judgement and doubt. However the overall curation is far from morbid, but is instead a rollercoaster for your soul. The series, including Hunt’s own film titled We’re All Going to Die, loops through comedy, drama, documentary and dance to have you welling up with tears, laughing until your belly hurts and hugging your loved ones.

The film festival has toured to Sydney, Byron Bay and Auckland.


  • Failure Directed by Smirit Keshari, New York

  • Judgement Directed by Lincoln Caplice, Sydney

  • Fear Directed by Genevieve Bailey

  • Pride Directed by Stefan Jose

  • Unknown Directed by Meredith, Los Angeles

  • Doubt Directed by Cate Stewart, Sydney

  • Embarrassment Directed by Samuel Kristofski, New Zealand

  • Rejection Directed by Claire Littler, London

  • Grief Directed by Danni Pearce

  • Life Directed by Russell Brownley, San Diego

  • We’re all Going To Die Directed by Stefan Hunt, New York